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Weed Farming & Hydroponic Stores

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Weed Farming & Hydroponic Stores


- /plant

Plant a seed.

- /harvest

Harvest your rewards from the plant.

- /takeplant

Destroys the plant before it's fully grown.

- /feedplant

Spill a water bottle on the plant.

- /weedstatus

Displays various details about the plant.



In order to grow weed you need a certain amount of the following components, a light source and you also need to feed the plant when it says so in /weedstatus.

- Seed

- Cottonseed Meal

- Phosphate

- Wood Ash

- Limestone

- Kelp Meal

- Water Bottles


The components required can be purchased from a hydroponic store (weed blip)


Weed Stages

Weed needs to through three growth stages. This can help you see the growth progress.

At the last stage, weed can be harvested.





Every player has a few skills that affect the weed growth time and the amount of rewards given during /harvest. You improve these skills by planting and harvesting up to a certain point. As a result, some players are more efficient at growing and harvesting weed than others.

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