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LC 2.0 - Rules of Engagement

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These rules are applicable to any member of an official faction or unofficial faction and are the set standard by Faction Management for conflicts between official faction and/or unofficial factions. Any reference of standard regarding a faction in this writing can also be applied to unofficial factions.


1. Preconditions of Faction Conflicts

  • New factions will have to wait approximately one week after posting their thread to execute an offensive measure. This one week wait period only applies to attacking an opposing faction. If an opposing faction initiates an attack or provokes your faction into a faction conflict; this ruling doesn't apply, and you may continue the conflict in character.
  • /maskname is fully prohibited during attacks; you may still cover your face in-character with a mask.
  • Hawking (chasing) down individuals that are not a threat to you during a faction attack is fully prohibited. Your target during attacks should only be people that you can clearly identify as members of the opposing faction. 
  • Factions executing attacks should focus on fleeing the scene as soon as possible. Lingering at the scene to loot dead bodies or kill random civilians will be consider a violation of our server and faction rules. 

2. Wartime Guidelines

  • If you are in a faction conflict, you will be able to execute an attack against your opposition every 4 hours. 
  • Brawls will have no cooldown period. The use of firearms during a brawl that's in-between attack cool down periods are strictly prohibited.
  • Factions executing an attack on another faction will be able to use a maximum of six people during the attack.
  • Attacks must be realistic in nature (thus necessitating some degree of scouting) and the attack must be merited based on the escalation of the conflict.

  • If you both are outside your hood and you are able to clearly identify that person is a part of the opposition as long as they aren’t PK’d, you can shoot them. This portion of the ROE only pertains to gangland warfare. If you aren’t in a gang faction or group, this section doesn’t apply to you as it is to increase fear roleplay surrounding an individual leaving a gang's primary area during a conflict.

  • Mercenaries or hired guns are allowed during faction player kill conflicts. Factions have the option to use no mercenaries during a faction-controlled conflict. Faction control conflicts are rules set forth by two opposing faction leaders that are used instead of the standard rules of engagement.  

  • The use of alternative characters is strictly prohibited during faction conflicts unless given permission by the faction management team. 

3. Regular PK Wars

  • In order for two factions to engage in a player kill war, there must be warranted in character reasoning for doing so. 
  • All factions involved in player kill war has to be abide by our rules of engagement and server rules. Any faction that fails to follow the aforementioned rulings will be severely punished. 
  • If you are killed by an opposing faction, you will be player killed from the conflict and are unable to participate in any more offensive measures against the faction that killed you. You will still be able to defend your faction when that opposing faction executes an attack on your faction. 
  • There are two cases in which this type of warfare will be ended; one faction will either forfeit and take the loss or the illegal faction management team will step in to end the war. 

4. Faction Controlled Wars

  • Two opposing faction leaders will sit down together and agree on rules pertaining to their two factions' conflict. 
  • Factions that are involved in this type of warfare must contact faction management with their rulings and terms before the start of an official conflict.
  • Examples of what can be modified are as follow, character kills instead of player kills, longer cool down period, weapon restrictions, and mercenary restrictions. 

5.  Faction Turf Wars

  • With the rules of engagement being fully revamped, the addition of turfs for factions will also be executed. Factions will be able to request their own official turf with the faction management team.
  • Two factions will have the opportunity to take control of another faction's turf if your current conflict deems necessary. Please review the faction territories change log for more information regarding faction turf wars.
  • Factions who have been within good standing on the server and have showcased quality + longevity will be deemed unattackable by the faction management team. If a faction's turf is deemed unattackable and you are looking to take over this turf, you will have to contact the faction management team with your reasoning behind taking over an unattackable faction turf. This can be done by contacting the FM team in your faction's discord channel within the FM discord. 

6. Miscellaneous 

  • There will be no use of alternative characters during any of these conflicts. 
  • There will be no looting of dead bodies during any of these conflicts. 
  • There will be no AFKing during any of these conflicts.
  • There will be no turf camping during any of these conflicts.

7. Faction Management Terms & Conditions 

The faction management team holds the right to place two factions into a character kill vs player kill conflict if deemed necessary. If players are found to be in violation of our rules of engagement or server rules; you will be punished, and character killed. 

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