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Liberty City Relaunch - 07/MAR/2023!

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Server re-launch : 07/MARCH/2023

The server will open its door again the 7th of March with a revamped script and lot of new systems!

We're very excited to show you what've been working on and to see you enjoy all the new features we've created.


What is this server?


The new Liberty City server is a medium text roleplay server with no whitelisting, it means that you can directly create your account and join the game!

As a new player, you'll be able to be taught by a mentor or directly jump into the experience if you're a good roleplayer.


What are the main differences with Los Santos and the usual GTAW experience?


  • A medium roleplay experience - We do not seek for ultra realism or strict roleplay qualities.
  • You'll have way more freedom when it comes to your roleplay creativity : factions that aren't in New York in real life can be created for example, and there will be no restriction on your assets.
  • No more applications to join or to do anything, no requests to do : All properties and businesses are directly buyable and will be handled by players.
  • You can directly create your faction ingame & have a territory shown on the turf map ingame
  • Illegal blackmarkets / darkweb for drug & weapon supplies
  • Automated events involving all illegal factions that chose to participate
  • Easier access to guns
  • More scripts creativity for the developers as we're free from the strict realism environment of Los Santos
  • An administration team whose goal will be supportive instead of having to monitor & review all the time, with direct proactive supports for your needs
  • Simplified rules & no rule 0


Who is this server for?


This new project is dedicated to players who do wish to relax while replaying, and to have fun. You'll not have to be scared to be punished for not roleplaying pulling out your weapon before shooting, you'll not have to be scared to shoot an opposite faction's street, everything is made for everyone to enjoy their experience, from a gameplay perspective and an administrative aspect.

Many players also do not have the time to sit for hours roleplaying or making paperwork on forum to get a property or a business, this is intended to be more casual friendly when it comes to accessing action roleplay or script features.

To finish, no one will care about your assets. If what you love is grinding and having the best cars, no one will judge or stop you here.


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