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Borough of Alderney


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unknown.pngAlderney is one of the five boroughs of City of Liberty, located on the southwest portion of the city. It was first settled by Dutch colonists in the 17th century, however it was consolidated with Liberty City in 1898. Throughout its existence as a borough, it has sometimes been called "the forgotten borough" by those who feel neglected by the city government.

The borough houses 9 distinctive districts: Westdyke, a large and sparse suburban area for the city's affluent. Leftwood, the home of the middle and working-class with a large multicultural population consisting of Hispanics, Portuguese, and Italians. Alderney City serves as the urban center for the borough. It is considered the biggest and most dense district. It is further split into Downtown, Koreatown, and Riverside. Berchem is a mixed residential and commercial district, with majority of the homes being low-rise apartment buildings. Both Port Tudor and Normandy serve as Alderney's harbor and seaport center; Liberty City Port Authority's hometown. Acter encloses various small construction sites and low-level income housings. It is a safe to presume that most of the residential area in the district has seen better days, while some homes seem to be completely abandoned. Tudor can be split into two halves; the residential West Tudor, which serves home to many housing projects and high-rise apartments, and the industrial East Tudor, containing small factories, industrial offices, and businesses. And finally, Acter Industrial Park; the only park on the planet that lacks anything green. It acts as the industrial hub for Liberty City, filled with many factories, power plants, and oil refineries. 


Despite being largely an industrial borough, Alderney prides itself in its wide cultural diversity. It is no lie, there is more to Alderney than contaminated waters and homeless shelters.

ouXrWZH.jpegAlderney Museum is located in the heart of Alderney City. Having recently celebrated its 330th anniversary, Alderney Museum is 51 years older than the museum of the American Philosophical Society, making it the oldest museum in the United States of America. Today, it is managed and maintained by Liberty City government's Department of Cultural Affairs.

YJxnaTv.jpegLiberty Ferry Terminal, also in Alderney City, is the center of Liberty Transit Authority's ferry services, providing visitors with cross-river commuter journeys to the rest of the city. Although there are no corresponding terminals anywhere else in the city, it makes Alderney City all the more special. 

2uQNTXq.jpegAlderney City Center is a fantastic stop to make, whether it is for the benches, the sound of waves, or to get in touch with Alderney's Councilor. Whatever it may be, capturing the sight at night will surely boost your social media presence.

dKrrfU3.jpegAlderney City is known for having the largest Korean expat community in Liberty City; the area is full of Korean-owned businesses with everything from Korean newspapers, to bubble tea and food, and of course Korean community events. 



((picture to be added))

Hank Jerrmann is a 47-year-old single father, born and raised in the City of Liberty. After authoring his thesis on Liberty City's economical framework, he found himself drawn to make impactful changes. Jerrmann is truly a bastion of hope and courage for the lost Alderney citizens, meticulously working for the rights of blue-collar workers, advocating for labor standards, and a stronger police force. 

EMAIL: [email protected]




The thread will be edited as the server opens and roleplay happens in the borough. I intend to showcase the legal aspects, focusing on the community and promoting it through this public IC thread as part of my character's platform. Relevant adopted laws will be listed above.

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