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About the Liberty City Police Department

ag9UtC4.png Liberty City Police Department is a fictional portrayal of the largest law enforcement agency in the United States and is the primary municipal agency of our lore, a patrol heavy department, serving the five boroughs and four islands of Liberty City. While a loose imitation of the New York Police Department, we look to provide a authentic experience of east coast Law Enforcement.




Mission & Core Values of the LCPD


Environment and Precincts:

While the Liberty City Police Department is the only law enforcement agency in our community, it will eventually operate in its own unique way: by providing different roleplay environments across several, semi-autonomous police precincts. Each police precinct will have its own unique expectations and standards. The culture of precinct houses may vary based on the roleplay environment of the area they're in, the vision of the Commanding Officer at the head of the precinct, and the natural development they undergo over the course of their existence. One precinct house may favor community engagement and rapport building over personal appearance, while another house may choose to honor NYPD traditions through the spread of their culture IC'ly. Both of these houses will always embrace our fundamental goal of providing quality law enforcement roleplay to our community.



Though it may not seem this way, law enforcement characters have a massive effect on the enjoyment that other players have in our community. With this in mind, our faction will always commit to providing roleplay first over the need to win ("winplay"). Members of the faction are encouraged to complement illegal roleplay rather than eradicate it. Additionally, our roleplay world isn't as black-and-white as legal vs illegal. It is instead a diverse collection of dynamic characters whose desires, motivations, and needs change constantly. The Liberty City Police Department is a distinct entity which serves to assist the community with emulating the environment of New York City.



Pre-Launch Process


kt3KX82.pngWe're very excited to meet all of the prospective members of the LCPD and add new dedicated minds to our ranks. Below, you'll find information on how to get in on the development and help us flesh out our up-and-coming faction. Recruitment will involve a three-phase pre-launch recruitment (PLR) system.


Offers sent - Phase One of recruitment involves processing all applications that were sent during the initial batch for faction leadership. These are our priority applications. Applicants in this phase put their best effort forward to truly show that they wanted to be a part of the faction's development, and we respect their commitment. Once the phase one applications are all processed, we begin phase two.


Phase Two are the Pre-Launch Applications, which are expected to open on 10/SEP/2022 and reviewed starting 12/SEP/2022. During this phase, our forums will be open to everyone, including our main employment board with the application itself. The sole requirements are that you have ex-LEO roleplay experience from a GTA:W LEO faction (LSPD, LSSD, SAPR), and are able to explain any prior inappropriate behavior on GTA:W SA. Once your application is complete and all prerequisites are met, candidates are expected to complete a questionnaire which details the candidate's experiences as a LEO, roleplayer, as well as information about them and their character.

If you successfully pass Phase Two, you'll be recruited as a basic POLICE OFFICER. You'll be able to then reach out to Bureau Chiefs for various assignments and tasks. Our aim isn't to assign roles and ranks to people until we get a clear understanding of their commitment and dedication to helping us build our faction from the ground up.

If you are denied in this phase, DON'T WORRY. This won't be used against you in the future, and we won't even archive your application for later reference. You'll just need to proceed to Phase Three.


Phase Three will be the standard in-character recruitment process. You'll go through our developed Field Training Program to better understand how law enforcement works, as well as the future standard of recruitment moving forward with the server. This includes completing the academy as a Recruit Officer, going through field training patrols as a Probationary Police Officer, and finally graduating as a standard Police Officer. There is no current estimated time for the first In-character recruitment drive.



For any and all information regarding LCPD, please visit our website HERE.


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